Sunday 22 September

Nephi to London

I checked my plane tickets in the morning and saw that they were recommending 3 hours pre-flight check in time! So I hit the road promptly at 0830 and drove through the increasingly industrial and metropolitan area south of SLC. I got to the airport in good time, and checked in, but then took the car back into the city to have one last big American breakfast. Afterward I tried again to do my grocery shopping, but still couldn't turn up a supermarket. I guess that randomly driving around looking for one wasn't the best strategy, but by the time I figured this out, I needed to get back to the airport.

One last thing: it seems like Salt Lake City, nest of the Mormons, is going down hill. Despite the strictures against caffeine, I saw several gourmet coffee houses, and I have it on good authority that there is even a micro-brewery in town. Brigham Young must be turning over in his grave.

These short trips (all of this took place between 1600 Thursday and 1200 Sunday) have served me well, providing a short, intense experience which is easily and fondly remembered.

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